1st & 2nd Sept 2018

Rhug Estate Farm Walk

Walk 23

  • Sunday 10.00 am
  • Distance 5 km
  • No real ascent

This walk takes you around part of the Rhug Estate's farm, allowing you to see some of the many animals the farm has. Chickens, sheep and the famous Rhug Bison are just three that you can spot. This walk takes you down to the River Dee and your return will take you along the Alwen River. You will be able to have refreshments in the Rhug Farm shop.

This is a gentle walk with the brilliant Rhug staff taking the lead. It is very suitable for families and people who want a short but rewarding walk on the Sunday morning. Not an early start to allow the participants to enjoy their breakfast.

Transport to Rhug can be provided or once registered you canb driuve yourself tghe couple of miles up to the Rhug Estate